Trusted Information Transforming Health & Care For All

EHealthWeek Croatia gathers more than 1,000 high-level delegates from all EU member states and will be co-organised by the Croatian Ministry of Health and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This year’s programme and discussion covers the themes of:

Trusted Information: Ensuring & Protecting Actionable Data

From Data to Knowledge:
The Right Standards = The Best Information

GDPR: Patient Friend or Foe

Let’s Go Dutch! Unconferencing

Improving My Data Quality

Lifelong Health and Care for all: Data Driven and Citizen Centric

The Case for Citizen Centric Care

Building a Bigger Tent:
No Citizen or Need Unrecognised

Implementation Science for Mental Health

Meaningful Analytics for Life Long Care

The New Policy for Research and Innovation in the EU

Transforming Health & Care: Futureproofing with Innovation & Investments

2050 – Preparing the Workforce

Keys to Innovation Success

How AI Is Improving Integrated Care

Innovation to Market Delivery: EC Guidelines For Investor Success

One EMR or Multiple?

Global Standards for Information Governance

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